Atlanta Fish Market: THE Place to Go for Fish in Atlanta



Atlanta Fish Market is owned by BuckheadLife Restaurant Group, which has restaurants in both Georgia (Bistro Niko and Kyma, among others) and Florida (Chops Lobster Bar and Lobster Bar Sea Grille). They have Atlanta’s largest selection of fresh fish and seafood, flown in every day. In my limited knowledge of the city, it’s THE place to go for fish in Atlanta. There’s also Pano’s Seafood Market next door, so if you prefer preparing your seafood your way, pick up something there. If you can’t find the restaurant, just look outside for the building-sized fish statue. It’s proof they take their fish seriously.

In the main dining room, one can see a huge display of fish, including filet of sole, skate, salmon, tuna and shrimp. There is plenty of seating, including a main dining room, and a bar within the Sushi Lounge.

8-Piece Spicy Tuna Roll

I started off with an 8-piece spicy tuna roll, made with green onions and seven spices. I usually order sushi ONLY when I eat at Japanese restaurants, but since I was at a seafood restaurant, I decided to take a chance…and boy was I glad. “Oishii” (“Delicious”), as they say in Japanese.  It didn’t look like much, but it had that familiar, yet good mushiness and freshness you’d expect from this type of roll. No soy sauce necessary.

Spicy tuna roll at Atlanta Fish Market
Spicy tuna roll

Broiled and Blackened Boston Filet of Sole

Now, on to the main event—broiled and blackened Boston filet of sole, served with mashed potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, and string beans. While the vegetables didn’t tickle my fancy, the fish tickled me silly. It was buttery, delicate, a little spicy and melted in my mouth. I hadn’t eaten broiled filet of sole in so many years, and knew I had to have it as soon as I saw it on the menu. As soon as my server placed my plate in front of me, I knew I had a winner. Just look at the golden-brown coating and the golden richness of the butter.

My only recommendations to the chef would be to present the fish intact, and to not casually toss the vegetables on top of the mashed potatoes, since it looked kind of sloppy. Each side dish should stand out on its own.

Broiled and blackened filet of sole

Other fish selections include cod, mahi-mahi, trout, scallops, sea bass, swordfish, yellowfin tuna, salmon, halibut, grouper and snapper. Your fish can also be prepared sautéed, broiled, or Hong Kong style (with sherry soy sauce, scallions, ginger and spinach with a bowl of sticky rice). Of course, you can also have crab, shrimp and lobster prepared in a number of ways. It’s all up to you.

As with many Atlanta restaurants, only cashless payments are accepted.

Feel free to satisfy your craving for fish with what I ordered or anything from the fresh fish display. You’ll be happy you did.

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