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No Review Necessary, But What the Heck

You’re probably wondering why I’m writing a review on this restaurant, especially because they’re all over the country, but this IS my favorite steakhouse. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve been to my share of steakhouses, but none gets me more excited than Ruth’s Chris.

"I've been to my share of steakhouses, but none gets me more excited than Ruth's Chris."

About the Beef

All beef served here and in their other 147 locations worldwide is hand-selected, custom-aged, cornfed, midwestern USDA Prime (the top 2%), broiled at 1800o to lock in the flavor. You can get all the great cuts, including New York Strip (16 ounces), ribeye (16 ounces), T-Bone, porterhouse for 2, and my personal favorite, the 11-ounce filet mignon. The NY Strip, ribeye and filets are available on the bone, too. If you’re feeling saucy, order a Tomahawk Ribeye, weighing in at a whopping 40 ounces. And, if you didn’t come here for steak (Really?), have crab cakes, stuffed chicken breast, or garlic-crusted sea bass in a lemon butter sauce.

There are prix-fixe meals available as well. Select a starter, entrée, side and dessert. Or, you can order a la carte.

A Barbecued Shrimp to End All Others

I started off with a barbecued shrimp appetizer. Five shrimp are sautéed and pampered in a spa bath of wine, garlic butter, spices, parsley, and green onion, with a thick toast point [just learned this term!] previously dipped into it. I ordered an extra cup of sauce on the side, so as not to make the regular bread rolls jealous. Like Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders, I could hear those rolls say to me, “I gotta have some of your attention. Give it to me.” “Brass in Pocket”? No. Bread in mouth? Yes.

Ruth's Chris Steak House--barbecued shrimp
Barbecued shrimp

Seared Ahi Tuna

My friend and I shared a seared ahi tuna appetizer. Eight slices of rare tuna were in a mustard and beer sauce accompanied by a side of cucumber and half of a lemon, which I forgot to use. For a fancy steakhouse, the chef could have presented the slices more neatly, as you see. Nevertheless, they were soft, and for someone who can’t stand mustard, these were delicious. I guess the beer killed the taste of it. Cheers! The tuna soaked up the sauce really well. If you’ve ordered tuna tataki or tuna sushi or sashimi at Japanese restaurants, you’ll like this.

Ruth's Chris Steak House--seared ahi tuna
Seared ahi tuna

Leafy Greens

In a quest to add more fiber to my diet, I’ve slowly been incorporating dark, leafy greens into my meals. My friend ordered sumptuous creamed spinach as part of his prix-fixe special, and we both delighted in it. What a great side dish!

Creamed spinach

It's Steak Time!

A little while later, 11 ounces of juicy, buttery, tender filet mignon arrived sizzling on a 500o hot plate. Note to Ruth’s Chris first-timers: either order your steak at your normal temperature and quickly move your steak from the hot plate to one at room temperature, or order it one temperature below what you normally order it at. I ordered mine medium, and it cooked up to medium+/medium-well. Wait at least five minutes before eating it, because it will brand you, like the U.S. Prime branded into the Ruth’s Chris Steak House logo. After that, savor, enjoy, and feel the butter and specks of parsley meld together on your tender cut of beef on your tongue.

Incredible Cheesecake

I hadn’t seen my friend, nor had I been to Ruth’s Chris in two years, so I made sure to order one of my favorite cheesecakes. Their arrangement is different; it’s circular, with the graham cracker crust surrounding the creamy, luscious center. It’s accompanied by strawberries, a bit of raspberry sauce, and a leaf of fresh mint. Beyond incredible.

Ruth's Chris Steak House--cheesecake

No Grasshoppers?

I’ll admit, my friend and I were upset about one thing, though. We looked forward to ordering our favorite after-dinner drink, a grasshopper, which was invented at Tujague’s, a bar in New Orleans, where Chris Steak House was founded. We were informed that they didn’t have Crème de Menthe, the main ingredient/liqueur to make it with. Really? I find that hard to believe.

So, I hopped on over to the after-dinner drink menu and settled for a Chocolate Lover’s Delight Coffee. As you can clearly see, this was no ordinary coffee. This one’s made with Godiva milk chocolate liqueur, dark crème de cacao and a lot of whipped cream. It’s heavy and not for the faint of calories, but I was on vacation, so I could care less. It was alright as a second choice.

Ruth's Chris Steak House--Chocolate Lover's Delight Coffee
Chocolate Lover's Delight Coffee

Aside from the no-grasshopper disappointment, everything else at Ruth’s Chris was superb as usual. Highly recommended. Book your reservation today!

Ruth's Chris Steak House --Garden City, NY

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