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Ethnic restaurants abound in Miami, and while the focus is obviously on Latin cuisine, there are a few Indian restaurants worth checking out. One such is Swagat Indian Kitchen, whose menu has traditional and Indian street food. It’s where you should go to have incredible Indian food in Miami.

Indian Street Food

Vegans and vegetarians, don’t worry—Swagat has got you covered, with Indian dishes such as pav bhaji (thick, mixed veggie curry, served with roti-style bread). 

A unique appetizer I had was pani puri (hollow potato puffs with chickpeas). Directions: Spoon in some of the sweet, spicy mint sauce, and eat in one bite. Don’t be afraid—use your hands.

Pani puri
"Great food, and super fast service with a smile."

Also, try the vada pav (deep-fried golden potato dumpling inside a soft bread bun). It’s served with coconut garlic chutney and green chili.

Vada pav

Their vegetarian meatballs in curry was worth ordering, too.

Vegetarian meatballs in curry

Non-Vegan/Non-Vegetarian Highlights

For non-vegans/non-vegetarians like myself who crave Indian food, order shrimp korma, bathed in its delicious coconut curry sauce, and of course, tandoori chicken.

Shrimp korma

The Wind-Down

The food came out SUPER fast—in under 10 minutes, and taste was NOT sacrificed for speed.

Where to find Swagat Indian Kitchen

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